Eggs-ceptional Basket

A perfectly formed vintage metal basket to carry perfectly formed eggs. This is form and function at its best. There is such beauty in simplicity, and this antique is no exception. It is 9″ tall and 12.5″ wide at the top, with a simple wire handle that fits perfectly on the rim of the basket when lowered. The bottom is solid metal with holes punched in it. The wire of the basket is actually cut or punched out of metal. I was hoping to tell you more about it, but I simply cannot find another piece like it. I would imagine it dates from the 1930s – 1950s, as do most metal or wire egg baskets. What I can tell you is that if I had the space, I would be actively collecting vintage egg baskets. Almost without exception, every single one is a treasure. They are beautiful and useful. If you already collect them, you know eggs-actly what I mean! If you know more about this particular egg basket — or collect them yourself — please leave a comment!

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