Presto! Laundry is (kinda sorta) fun!

Mid-century collapsable cart, likely a Dennis Mitchell Industries "Go Buggy," the "Pres-toe" model.
Mid-century collapsable cart, likely a Dennis Mitchell Industries “Go Buggy.”

It’s not that I dislike doing laundry in theory. It’s just that I have to go down three flights of stairs and then three (or five) blocks to the laundromat, depending on whether I go to the really big one farther away or the tiny one that is closer. It takes serious effort in all kinds of weather. The kind of effort I only feel like making once a month. Last year I busted my cheap wire cart when going down the last set of steps with a particularly unwieldy load of laundry. Imagine my surprise when a few weeks later, I discovered this charming collapsable wire cart at my favorite lunch-time vintage shop. Although the label is long gone, it is probably a mid-century “Go Buggy” manufactured in Philadelphia by Dennis Mitchell Industries. One of their models was called the “Pres-toe.” I did a quick repair job on the crumbling blue rubber handle by using some red duct tape. This little cart is so cute, I kind of sort of don’t mind doing laundry as much. And it’s smaller than my last one, so I am not tempted to overload it. Yet.

One thought on “Presto! Laundry is (kinda sorta) fun!

  1. I have a Prestoe cart from your industry and i have to tell ya its cart ever.. i treat it as it is “GOLD”
    I am disabled with a bad back to this cart is a life saver..i bought it at a sale and the wheels are a bit wobbly and im gonna have to get them replaced.
    I wish things were made this well these days.
    Thanks for such great engineer/design.
    Nothing like it here in St Louis Mo. You Rock!!!
    Love the handle cushion too. Makes grocery shopping so much easier.
    Thanks again.


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