Mystery Jar

Ceramic Jar, twist-off lid
Ceramic Jar, twist-off lid

This was another lunch hour find. I was drawn to the lovely pale turquoise blue color. The jar seems to be ceramic. Even the grooves on the twist-off lid are ceramic. I have no idea what this was for. The bottom of the jar says “Made in England.” Did it contain medicine? Cosmetics? Snuff or tobacco? Why the hole in the lid as if for a string or ribbon? So many questions. Anyone out there have an answer? (In case you are curious, I am using it to store my powdered vitamin C, and it is perfect for that!)

8 thoughts on “Mystery Jar

  1. I have three bone color jars like this one two small one larger one. Does anyone know what these were used for.?
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  2. Hi Carol! Thanks so much for your comment. Now you have me even more intrigued than ever! That is so cool that you not only have the same style of jar, but that you have them in a different color and two different sizes! If I ever find out what they are for, I will post it here. If anyone out there can solve this mystery for us, please let us know!


  3. I have a jar today 9-24-16 at a flea market identical to the original torques one in post…. mine is yellow… I also have no idea what it is.. I was thinking maybe a vintage restraint mustard jar and maybe the top of the lid the circle opening is for the condiment spoon? Just a thought I am trying to do research to find out what this is! I will share if I find info!


  4. I have found out what these neat little jars are! They are T. TAYLOR EGG BOILERS USA PATENT NO. 49405… they have 3 1/2″ single egg CODDLERS and 4 1/2″ double egg CODDLERS. IF U SEARC EGG CODDLERS MADE IN ENGLAND THERE IS A WOLE WEBSITE WITH ENDLESS INFO!
    Let me know if you where still searching for info on the jar! They are made from 1914 – 1927 if the lid does not have an imprint of REGD. 720797.


    1. Wow! Fabulous sleuthing! I can’t wait to do a search online for the info you just posted. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your findings! Never in a million years would I have guessed they were egg coddlers! Mystery solved thanks to you!


      1. Glad to help! I love old dishes! Especially restaurant ware! I enjoy finding them and then researching when I don’t know what they are! Vintage items are so neat!

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